Fairy Tail volume 51

The black magic cult Avatar’s plans to summon Zeref are well underway, but their Operation Purify will cost countless lives. To stop them, Gray joins forces with Erza and infiltrates Avatar, while Zeref the Black... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail volume 62

During the chaos of war, the demon Acnologia slinks his way into the ranks. As Erza, Wendy, and Gajeel prepare to face their hardest battle yet, a strange woman shows up to lift their spirits!... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Volume 1

A wizard’s job is never done! Get fired up for the official sequel to Fairy Tail, with story and layouts by original creator Hiro Mashima himself. Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, and the whole Fairy Tail... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail volume 49

Fairy Tail's managed to stop the resurrection of END, the most powerful demon in the Book of Zeref, and with it comes victory over Tartaros! But the dragon of darkness Acnologia is still fighting the... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail: Twin Dragons of Saber Tooth

Sting Eucliffe, the White Dragon, and Rogue Cheney, the Shadow Dragon. These two powerful Dragon Slayer wizards are the faces of the Sabertooth guild, but they didn’t start out that way—both wizards have been down... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail volume 48

With her curse magic, Kyoka has deprived Erza of all her senses-except pain, which she has amplified into excruciating torture! But even in these hopeless circumstances, the Fairy Queen continues to counterattack! Meanwhile, the duels... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail Zero

Mavis, the future first master of Fairy Tail, lives with her best friend Zera on Sirius Island. At six years old, Mavis is just a simple bookworm who dreams of meeting fairies someday. In the... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail tom 20

Wojna o Nirvanę między siłami sojuszu a Oración Seis wreszcie dobiega końca! Jednak nierozwiązany problem Gérarda i smutna prawda skrywana przez mistrza Cait Shelter nadają temu zwycięstwu gorzki posmak. Magowie Fairy Tail wracają razem z... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail Volume 35

DRAGON SLAYER DEATHMATCHWhen Minerva of Saber Tooth sadistically thrashes Lucy to within an inch of her life, Fairy Tail vows vengeance! Their chance comes at the climax of the fourth day's events. It's Natsu and... Przejdź do książki

Fairy Tail volume 63

Here it is … the final volume!Anna Heartfilia was convinced that the space between time would imprison the evil dragon Acnologia forever. But when the space allows Acnologia's physical body and spirit to split in... Przejdź do książki