I live in a world where freedom doesn't exist, and life is a battle for survival. Most people aren't even allowed to have names.But I had a name once. I was Allura until the Wardens... Przejdź do książki

The Vision

Gemma thought she was trapped—that Stephan had finally won. But then time resets and she’s given another chance.The clock is ticking as Gemma tries to figure out how to change the vision that ends the... Przejdź do książki

The Fallen Star

For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she's around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at school, she can feel electricity that... Przejdź do książki

The Year of Second Chances

Isabella Anders isn't ready to accept that her mother is guilty of murder. After discovering some details about her mom’s case, she decides to take a road trip to visit her mother in jail, hoping... Przejdź do książki

The Illusion of Annabella

Annabella Baker has always lived a normal life with a loving family. She had dreams of going to college and becoming a dancer. But the summer before her senior year, the life she knew is... Przejdź do książki

Ruin Me

A part time student, CNA, and caretaker for her slightly deranged mother, Clara Mckiney doesn’t have time for a relationship. That’s why her friends with benefits arrangement with sexy and ridiculously charming Jax Hensley works... Przejdź do książki

Przeznaczenie Violet i Luke’a

Życie Luke'a Price’a od zawsze zależało od porządku, kontroli i twardego stawiania czoła światu. Nic nieznaczące związki z kobietami były dla niego rozrywką - sposobem na wyciszenie chorych wspomnień z dzieciństwa. Luke rozpaczliwe pragnie zapomnieć... Przejdź do książki

The Year I Became Isabella Anders

Isabella Anders has always been the girl that never fit in. Most days she feels invisible, especially when she’s around her older sister, Hannah, who catches the eye of everyone, including Kai and Kyler, the... Przejdź do książki

The Underworld

Gemma thought her mind was gone, but she was wrong. And now she is left trying to figure out the truth to what Stephan is planning to do with her and the star, before it’s... Przejdź do książki


EmeryYou want to know my secrets? What lies beneath the pretty? The scars I can’t let anyone see? The scars tied to my secrets?On the outside I appear normal. Some might even say perfect.They say... Przejdź do książki