The Walking Dead: Invasion

Out of the ashes of a devastated Woodbury, Georgia, two opposing camps of ragtag survivors develop - each one on a collision course with the other.Underground, in the labyrinth of ancient tunnels and mine shafts,... Przejdź do książki

The Walking Dead Volume 28: A Certain Doom

In the aftermath of The Whisperer War—ALL IS LOST.Collects THE WALKING DEAD #163-168 Przejdź do książki

The Walking Dead #188

“FALLING INTO PLACE” It’s time to learn, once and for all—is Princess friend or foe? HOLLYWOOD NEWS! Season 9 of the hit series welcomes writer and executive producer Angela Kang as new showrunner. This current... Przejdź do książki

Invincible #127

Mark has returned from the past... to a very different future. Now he has to pick up the pieces of his life and try to put them back together. INVINCIBLE co-creator CORY WALKER returns to... Przejdź do książki

Invincible- Ultimate Collection Vol.11

With Robot’s control of Earth complete, Mark Grayson and family take to the stars! But Thragg and an unexpected trip to the past turn Mark’s world upside down.Collects INVINCIBLE #121-132. Przejdź do książki